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The Best Essentials for Homeschooling

 I hope these tips help you in your homeschooling journey and you get the best of what you need without wasting money. These products and organization tips are tried and true. I have spent years working on the best ways to stay organized and have a peaceful happy home. Now I'm hoping to pass on some of that to you. So lets get started in making your homeschooling successful with these top essentials.
This is my counter buddy. I can't stress enough how much I love it.
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Fellowes Laminator

The Scotch Laminator is another GREAT one to choose.
Scotch Thermal Laminator

You will definitely be happy to have either of these on your counter. Think of all of those Montessori cards and printables you can laminate. Yay!!!
Here are just a couple of examples of activities/lessons that I've made using our laminator.
And don't forget you need great pouches without breaking the bank...
Laminating Pouches that are totally worth the great price.
Thermal Laminating Pouches
or these
3 Mil Clear Thermal Laminating Pouches

Next up, How to organize the cards and printables.
Snap or Velcro Poly Pocket Folders are a must for me.

Poly Envelope Snap Folders

Here you can see how one of mine looks. I like to group mine by themes, where as each folder has a theme, This is our Solar System folder. I keep all of our Montessori cards and worksheets in one folder. That way it's ready to go. You can store these in a basket, a magazine box, a file box, or if you can hole punch the bottoms and store these in a binder.
I love them!!!
You do NOT want to be cutting all of your cards by hand. Believe me, paper trimmers are inexpensive and totally worth it. In my opinion Fiskars is the best. This is what I use. 

Another Storage option I use for organizing is file folder boxes.
I usually get mine at Walmart because they are the cheapest, however they are sold out a lot of the time. So I am including a link for some that are very similar. 

Are you wondering what the inside of my file folder box looks like?
I have 4 boxes at this point and they are labeled for different things. That might seem overwhelming but I have several children at different levels. I have an early childhood box, a box that is organized with Monthly themes, A box for my older Elementary children, and a new box I am just starting for this year. Don't let this worry you, I have been homeschooling for several years with multiple children. So I'm just saying you may need more than one box eventually. 
Another homeschooling essential is...
Rings, you can never have enough. Forget buying them in those little packs of five from Walmart, you can stock up with an inexpensive box from Amazon, they are great quality and they last. I prefer the 1 inch.
Here are a few examples of things I've used them for. 
You can easily make your Montessori cards into a little book for the very young children. In fact I printed out two sets of these bird cards. One set I cut up for the older children and the other as you can see here, I left the cards together so they could have something to look at and hold. The other two books I put together for me. They are easy to hang on a hook or keep close by if I need it.  

Loving this Printer, I am a HUGE fan of Brother products. We have used them for years and they last. I highly recommend color too, everything comes out so much prettier. 

Unfortunately I can't recommend a computer because we seem to always have computer issues. I haven't found one that I love yet :(   Hopefully you have one that you love already. 

Last but definitely not least,
What does every homeschooling home have a lot of?
 I suggest bookcases that you love that work for you and your children.  

I hope you have a wonderfully successful homeschooling journey. 

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Easy Montessori Food Prep for Toddlers

I am excited to share with you 4 easy steps to have your toddler help make their own snack! We love having the kids in the kitchen with us and helping them make their own snack is heaven to a busy mom's schedule. Today we had a banana, but this will work for any fruit or vegetable that does not need to be cooked. Enjoy!

DIY Montessori Snake Game

Hi!! Its me again :) Jennifer from Naniheart! I'm very happy to be guest blogging again for Montessori on a budget! I hope you guys like what I'm about to show you. :)

I recently created a Introduction to Subtraction game for my daughter, Princess. We've used it a lot this month, she's getting quite skilled at simple subtraction. It's no secret that we are Montessori influenced in our home school, so I decided to make the subtraction/negative snake game. This game will hold her mathematical curiosity a bit longer. If you need a tutorial on how to make these bead bars/stairs please check out my previous posts: DIY Montessori beads, & Positive Snake Game.

Material list:
* Containers for your beads
* 10 bead bar
* Exchange bead stair
* Negative bead stair
* Colored bead stair

Montessori and Art Appreciation

I would like to start out by saying, I am by know means an artist. I can however appreciate and love art. I decided  to set up the sun room this week for the boys to explore ART. Everyday we read books on different types of art, for example Impressionist (Van Gogh, and Monet), Portraits (Leonardo da Vinci), and Modernist (Matisse). Then I allowed them to explore, create, and express themselves through their art.
I set up the easel and the children's table with several different kinds of art supplies. I wanted the boys to have free range and explore the books, paints, pastels, and paper. I had art books set around on the table, bookcases and in the easel, as well as art cards which I printed out and laminated.
I am NO artist: Montessori and art appreciationMontessori in the Kitchen {Montessori on a Budget}
Some of our favorite artist books for kids can be found by clicking the link below.
 "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists Series" By Mike Venezia

Where to Find Inexpensive Montessori Materials by Teresa of Montessori by Mom

In the classroom, and while trying to use the Montessori method at home, keeping a child’s interest is critical. I found that I often had to change activities and find ways to keep them interesting. I didn’t have the budget to constantly buy things from big Montessori stores, so I got creative!

Where To Look

I learned that there are many places available to find inexpensive materials for Montessori jobs, you just need to know where to look. Here’s a list of places where I’ve found treasures:

Easy Montessori Activities at Home

Montessori is a philosophy developed by an inspirational educator named Maria Montessori. It has been around since the late 1800's and thrives even more so today. The Montessori approach truly focuses on the whole child. 
The idea of giving children free range (free to choose) from "prepared activities" in the home, is our focus today. So come along and see, just how easy it can be.  

The role of education is to interest the child profoundly in an external activity to which he will give all of his potential. ~ Maria Montessori

Montessori By Mom was developed by Nathan and Teresa Hadsall, two teachers whose goal is to empower parents to become educators with unique Montessori activities.

Montessori By Mom is Everything you need to focus on fun and learning. You will not have to worry about research, getting prepared, or any DIY materials. 
This is perfect for everyone that loves Montessori.

DIY Montessori Sensory Materials: Colored Rice

Making Montessori materials is so much fun! Colored rice is something you can use in a myriad of activities for your Montessori home. It is an easy homemade project your little ones at most any age will love to help you complete.
Photo by Marie Mack

Let's Get SOCIAL!

Join our Montessori Facebook *group* here and like our Montessori Facebook *page* here! Follow our Montessori on a Budget board on Pinterest here and sign our email list to get updates for when our book comes out, plus book giveaways and special events!