Montessori Grammar

Montessori Grammar

The preschool grammar lessons precede the elementary grammar boxes and cards. Usually the first preschool grammar lesson is The Article with the words "the" and "a" using strips of paper, and can be given to five and six-year-olds.

It's important to remember the preschool grammar lessons are a direct preparation for reading! Let me repeat that, the preschool grammar lessons are a direct preparation for reading: "Direct Aim: Reading. Indirect Aim: Grammar."

By ages 6 to 9 children can read and go directly into the study of grammar including the grammar boxes.

So if you are presenting the preschool grammar lessons, your direct aim is reading. If you are presenting the elementary grammar boxes, your direct aim is teaching grammar.

Here is a list of the preschool grammar (direct preparation for reading) lessons:
Adjectives with Farm Animals
Logical Adjective Game
Detective Adjective Game
Verb Tenses
Logical Adverb Game
Conjunction Game with Roses
Preposition Games with Roses and Farm Animals
Verb Game
Verb Game with Farm Animals
Verb Command Cards & Function of the Verb
Adverb Game
Logical Adverb Game

Suggested Montessori books for grammar lessons and activities and games:

Montessori on a Limited Budget by E. Farrow and C. Hill: Grammar Games from page 167 to 178, including a Noun Game with objects like farm or dollhouse and labels; Article Game with objects and strips of paper and cards; Adjective Game with farm objects and labels; The Triangle Game; antonyms and superlatives, synonyms; Conjunction Game with farm animals and labels; The Preposition Game with farm cards and objects and other  games; Pronoun Game with nursery rhymes; Verb and Adverb Games with command cards. Grammar symbols (how to make, how to use for sentences).

Montessori Read and Write A Parents' Guide to Literacy for Children (1998) by Lynne Lawrence: page 121 to 126. "Using descriptive words" using objects, paper, pen, labels. "Discovering how important word order is" with paper strips. "Using more than one descriptive word" using labels and objects. "Making the [grammar] symbols"; "Looking at the way words can be joined together" using grammar symbols, objects and strips of paper. "Using the comma"; "Investigating the preposition" with grammar symbols and objects and paper strips; and "Identifying verbs and adverbs" with grammar symbols and paper.
Teaching Montessori in the Home The School Years by Elizabeth G. Hainstock: various pages. "The Parts of Speech Noun" games using noun cards with names of objects in the room, black noun cards with family names, farm objects and black noun cards, baskets with noun strips. "The Adjective" with command cards, farm objects, cards. "The Verb" with the farm objects and cards, command cards. "The Adverb" using a blackboard, farm objects, cards. "The Preposition" using cards and farm objects. "The Conjunction" using objects in the room, farm objects, cards. "The Pronoun" using cards. "Interjection" with paper. "Using Symbols for Parts of Speech" cards and grammar symbols. "Commands" with grammar symbols and paper. This book also has several pages for how to make the above materials.
The Montessori Elementary Material by Maria Montessori: (Copied from the table of contents.) Download it free here... or buy it at Nienhuis here.
Singular and Plural ... 25
Masculine and Feminine 27
Singular and Plural in English 33
Nouns 40
Commands on Nouns . 48
Analyses .... 51
Descriptive Adjectives 51
Permutations 55
Inflection of Adjectives 56
Logical and Grammatical Agreement of Nouns and
Adjectives , 59
Descriptive Adjectives 61
Adjectives of Quantity 63
Ordinals &
Demonstrative Adjectives 64
Possessive Adjectives . . .... . . 65
Comparison of Adjectives 65
Analyses 66
Permutations . 68
Lessons and Commands on the Verb . . 69
Lessons with Experiments . . . 74
Analyses ...... .77
Permutations . 80
Lessons and Commands on Prepositions . 81
Analyses . . 85
Permutations . ... 87
Lessons and Commands on Adverbs . . 90
A Burst of Activity, the Future of the Written Language
in Popular Education 93
Commands Improvised by the Children . . 96
Analyses ..... 98
Personals . . 98
Demonstratives . ... 99
Relatives and Interrogatives . . 99
Possessives . . . .101
Permutations . .... .... 101
Lessons and Commands on the Pronoun . 102
Paradigms ... 106
Agreement of Pronoun and Verb . . . .108
Conjugation of Verbs . 110
Analyses . . . 113
Coordinates . 113
Subordinates ... 114
Permutations . ... 115
Lessons and Commands on the Conjunction . . .115
Comparison of Adjectives 117
Analyses 120
Classification 122

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