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Free Downloads: Earth Day and Make a Snail Garden

Free Downloads: Earth Day and Make a Snail Garden

My tip for Earth Day:  Create a snail garden! Use an old fish tank, fill it with soil, living plants, rocks, water or a wet sponge and corn meal for the snails to eat. As part of daily/weekly chores (Care of the Environment) your child can refresh the water and cornmeal, as well as water the plants (or mist them with a spray bottle).

Making a snail garden from snails in your yard is a humane way to get them to stop eating your veggies and flowers!

Kids love it!

As a follow up, get books from the library on snails and bugs, draw a snail, make a clay snail, write your observations of the snail garden, learn the parts of a snail, and write a story about a snail.

Tons more snail resources from Montessori Mom and KiddyHouse.

Happy Earth Day! {From the archives}

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