Introduction to Montessori Writing

Introduction to Montessori Writing {Montessori on a Budget blog}

What is writing? The ability to express thoughts with written symbols. This is a gift for the children. They will be able to express their thoughts. However, you can not put down anything in writing unless you can think logically, and you can not write at all unless you have control of the instruments with which you are writing. You cannot write until you are able to analyze each sound and can translate it into a symbol. In the adult this happens simultaneously, but the child has to analyze it first.

Writing, therefore, is a process of going from the known to the unknown. So, in order to prepare a child for writing we have to take into consideration his spiritual, his physical, and his intellectual development. The spirit of man urges him to communicate his experiences, and gives him the self-confidence to say what he wants to say at the right time and in the right manner. The self-confidence is gained through the free oral expression at circle time. The intellect of the child is being prepared. We contribute to this preparation with such things as talking, reading stories, and with such language games as I Spy, Question and Answer, The News Period, Classified Cards, and Nursery Rhymes...This is the spiritual and intellectual indirect preparation.

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~Lisa Nolan

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