Montessori Volcano Activities

Kids love volcanoes! And they can be a part of any Montessori home or school environment.

First, start with the concrete, sensorial experience and do a volcano experiment! You can make your own volcano with brown plasticine (set out in sun to soften), and use baking soda and vinegar for the eruption and red food coloring. You also need a deep tray to set it on (or cake pan) and a sponge or cloth for spills. To see a DIY volcano experiment go here. Or you can buy a pre-made one here. on Kid Advance. And there is a volcano kit here on

You can also have parts of a volcano (nomenclature) cards, see this inexpensive set here at Montessori for Everyone; or make your own.

Third, have books about volcanoes in your book corner, check them out at the library or buy your own. Here is a list from Montessori Services.

Science: do some science experiments, too, including the Solid, Liquid, Gas experiment.

Lastly, draw volcanoes using the Metal Insets or stencils (the triangle or trapezoid shapes are best). You can also make volcano paintings!

And have fun!

To see lots of Montessori volcano images, go here to Google images!

DIY volcano from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas blog.


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