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Montessori and Hands on Science

Montessori and Hands on Science {Montessori on a Budget blog}
by Kim 

This year I'm focusing on learning Anatomy with my boys, ages 4, 6, and 8. I always try to incorporate hands on experiments with each lesson. This week we were focusing on cells. What is a cell, how do they work, what are they made up of? I printed out some great cards from Spell Outloud.

We made this Jello recipe:

 1 box of orange Jello (make as directed on package) then add
 1 box of Knox Gelatin
 1 extra cup of cold water

(It works best if you let the Jello sit overnight.)

I got together a tray of candies that could be used for all the parts of the cell, and the boys went to town.

Another great Science sight packed full of information and fun is Science Online.

Montessori and Hands on Science {Montessori on a Budget blog}
by Kim
I think one of my little science boys was eating the jello too. (smile)

I hope you enjoy some hands on Science with your little ones. It can be very educational and SO much fun.

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