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A Montessori Peace Corner

Peace is a state of security, order, harmony. Environment is the conditions and state of your surroundings. I can't think of two more important things to think about when you are setting up an area for a child to learn and thrive in. As a mom and homeschooler it was important for me to have an area in the house that the kids felt they could go and have (hopefully)uninterrupted quiet time. A place for the child to calm his mind, and become still with his thoughts and surroundings.    

In these pictures you will see how I've choose to set up our peace corner.  

I switch up items every once in awhile, right now I have a wind chime hanging above the table, a laughing Buddha, Prayer beads, shells, polished stones, round polished disks, and a raw Amethyst stone(Amethyst is a healing stone). I am super excited that I will be adding a Tibetan Meditation Peace Singing Bowl  to the table soon. 

This table has a drawer that pulls out, and inside of it I keep about 20 photographs. The kids love this, they look at them all the time reminisce and ask questions. If you don't have a drawer you can use, photos in a basket or a handheld album can work nicely.

My children are free to explore everything at the peace corner. It is important that they feel a connection with the space and enjoy the time there. 

Anybody whether it be a child or a parent can benefit from sitting in a calming place and just being peaceful and observant to one's surroundings.  

Maria Montessori said "The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth."

I hope you enjoyed spending time in my peace corner.  I would also love for you to join me at Natural Beach Living, where homeschooling and the beach meet with sandy toes and a smile.  
You can also check out my Peace corner Pinterest page here.

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