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Montessori Valentine Activities part 2

It's almost Valentine's Day, so we spent the weekend having fun with lot's of different activities inspired by this great holiday. You'll notice lot's of pink, I just can't help myself. I LOVE PINK. 

This activity was fun and edible. I numbered 5 marshmallow hearts with icing writers (you can find these in the baking aisle), and then Little B counted out his hearts to go with the numbered Marshmallow. 

Little B lined up the Marshmallow's in numerical order, when he was done he ate a couple of them. (Smile.)

Here I set up a tray with a pitcher of water, his spoon, 2 bowls, and pink food color

Little B first added a few drops of food color

Then he mixed it up and watched it change color.

Still mixing

Next he began to practice pouring his colored water into his bowls.

Last he made sure the bowls were filled equally.

Little B loves to make anything in the kitchen, so what better for Valentine's Day then a Valentine's cake.  

Little B does most of the cake making, he helps me read the ingredients, he pours everything in the bowl, he mixes with the hand mixer. Then mommy takes over and pours it into the cake pan and puts it into the oven. We check the oven several times to see if the cake is ready. After it cools Little B does the icing. 

I let him go a little crazy with the icing, what can I say, we were having fun. 

A few other websites that had great Valentine's ideas are kids activities blog and Living Montessori Now. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our Valentine fun. 

Have a great week and try to decorate with more Pink.

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If you purchase anything from Amazon from this post my family will receive a very small percentage towards our learning. Thank you so much. 

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