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Montessori and Tot Time Pre-school Letter D

I have been having fun these days with Little B. This is such an exciting stage in life with so much to do and learn. Of course I seem to feel that way about every stage. Teaching the alphabet is so important and of course a vital part in the beginning stages for reading, writing, and the path to their success in learning.
I waited patiently for Little B to show signs of interest in the alphabet and it has happened. He is so  excited now to learn the alphabet, writing, and first steps to reading. Yay!!! I am  working with him on a Letter of the week curriculum. I say curriculum but really it's so much more than that. I'm using mostly 1+1+1=1 and letter of the week for fabulous printables. I add great books, puzzles, sensory play and more to create a well rounded learning experience.
This week little B was working on the letter D. Here is my set-up for his trays and table.
Some of the trays I put out for this week are his Dog pattern board, a tray of dinosaurs, a basket of dolls with clothes (perfect for practical life), a tray with dice (perfect for math and counting practice), and a sand tray for letter practice.
I usually change the tray and table set-up 2-3 times a week. Here are a few pics of little B's tot time this week.

Letter D puzzle and number ordering 1-10
Tot time notebook

Pointing out his letters 
Dog Pattern Blocks
Duck Lacing
Dinosaur stamping
Dinosaur Puzzle
 This has been a great week with letter D, I can't wait to see what next week has in store for us. 
These are a few items we used this week for tot time fun and learning. If you purchase any of these items from Amazon through my link my family receives a very small percentage to go towards new Montessori materials. A great BIG Thank You.  

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