Montessori on a Budget: How Did it All Start and What's Ahead?

In January 2013 I turned my Montessori blog, Montessori on a Budget, into a co-op blog by opening it up for Montessori moms who didn't have a blog but wanted to try blogging including using associate links to make a little extra $. I've been a blogger since 2008 and it was time for me to give back! 

I was contacted by Marie and Kim in the winter of 2012 and I took them under my Montessori blogging wing...

And thus began their blogging journey. Kim later started her own blog, Natural Beach Living, but continued to co blog at Montessori on a Budget. (Now she is the main blogger at Budget and Marie is now my co blogger at Confessions of a Montessori Mom.)

At around the same time, we decided instead of creating a Facebook page for Budget, we would start a Facebook group, so we could be up close and personal with other moms and educators. So we started Montessori on a Budget, the group. And Kim has done an outstanding job as chief hostess! We now have over 3000+ members!

And now for our exciting announcement! Together we are revising my Kindle book, Beginning Montessori with Infants and Tots for Birth to 24 Months and it's coming out IN PRINT in a few months! Thanks to Kim and Marie, the book will have fantastic new photos, new activities, and more info and faqs!

Want to know when it becomes available, when we have our launch party, and other special book events?  If you sign up for our "Beginning Montessori! Revised! Coming soon!" email list, you will get a free, 40-page Top Montessori Infant Toddler PDF! Go here!

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