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Introduction to DIY Beginner Montessori Subtraction

     Hi, My name is Jennifer and usually you can find me writing at Naniheart, however today I am happy to be guest blogging for the first time ever, with the ladies from Montessori on a Budget!!!! Thank you for having me, it's quite an honor :) 
My daughter, Princess (5), has been on a Mathematical  SPREE! I for one am thrilled with this. For the last month or so all I've been doing is coming up with Math games. She has recently mastered the Introduction to Addition game I created, so I decided to make these, to teach simple subtraction! 

Material list:
* Beads (or any other small object. Buttons, marbles, etc. would work as well)
* Card stock (or just any kind of paper you have handy)
* Small containers (I got these at the dollar store, but you could use anything else as long as it has a lid. Baby food jars were my first choice but I didn't have any available.)
* Number stickers (or sharpie) 

I placed number stickers on each lid, filled the corresponding tub with that many beads. I also wrote SIMPLE equations on card stock paper, and placed them in each tub.
I chose gray beads because I will be making the Montessori subtraction snake game with gray beads (very soon, so stay tuned!!) :)

Here is how we layout the Subtraction game! Gather 2 similar containers and place a different one in the middle. We want to isolate what we're subtracting so that the kids grasp the concept easier. The problem I am demonstrating is 5-3. First thing you do is place all 5 beads in the first container. :)

I went ahead and placed 3 beads in the middle container indicating the number we are taking away.

I then pour what is left from the first container into the last.

There you have it! 5-3= 2

I hope you enjoyed our simple, and fun way to do some hands on subtraction!

 If you have any questions or comments please visit me on Facebook, don't forget Pinterest!

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