Montessori Toddler and Preschool Fall Themes

Fall is full of fun for children and adults. So I decided to share several themes that would be perfect to explore this time of the year. We have everything from toddler apple trays and colorful leaf activities, to fabulous free printables and perfect pumpkin books. Your preschooler will have the best fall ever.

Below you will find many great links, click on what is highlighted to view. Enjoy!

Apple Activities from Golden Reflections Blog

Apple seed counting activity From ABCs to ACTs

Natural Beach Living has a wonderful week of Exploring pumpkin activities.  

Mini pumpkins and felt activity from Buggy and Buddy.

Pumpkin Washing Station from Natural Beach Living


Stir the Wonder shares a fun fall leaf color sort

Living Montessori Now has an autumn leaf unit you don't want to miss. 

Fall Books

The Natural Homeschool shares their favorite fall books.


Halloween Shelves from Lollygag Learning

Sensory Play

Amazing autumn sensory play from Natural Beach Living.

Toddler Sensory Play from Mama's Happy Hive.


Trillium Montessori shares free November printables from across the web.

25 fun fall activities and free printables 

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