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Free Downloads: Montessori Art Cards & Art Appreciation

Free Downloads: Montessori Art Cards & Art Appreciation {Montessori on a Budget}

Art cards are a staple of the Montessori classroom and art appreciation. You can make your own three-part art cards by printing out two sets of cards for matching, one set will need to be labeled, one set will need to be mute. Lastly, you need to make a set of labels for the mute cards. Below are my 10 recommended resources for art cards and art appreciation:

1. Child-Sized Masterpieces for steps 1,2,3 of Mommy It's a Renoir (various levels) by Aline D. Wolf on
2. For a brief overview of Montessori art, read "Montessori Philosophy & Practice AGE 3-6+ YEARS—Art" by Michale Olaf.
3. Here are some Montessori art card free PDF downloads:
4. YouTube video clips on Montessori art: Art Appreciation in the Montessori Early Childhood Classroom 
5. Art books to get from the library or used on Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists, a series for children; and Express Yourself! (Art Explorers) a series for children by Joyce Raimondo.
6. A beautiful Montessori "Art at Home" post from The Montessori Child at Home blog.
7. First Art : Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos on
8. And lots more art resources, links, and downloads at Living Montessori Now's Montessori-Inspired Art Appreciation blog post!
9. You might also be interested in my affordable Montessori Art, Music, Poetry PDF!

Personal Note: I love art. Both my parents were artists. My son loves to do art. Sadly, I think art gets left out of many classrooms: it's messy, it's costly, it's not as important as math or language, yada, yada. But art is such a vital part of our lives, whether it is photography, drawing, painting, or collage. For our children it is a means of self-expression, builds fine motor skills, practical life skills, and it's fun!

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