Montessori Grammar: Function of Words

"Montessori utilizes a child's urge to read by giving the him useful constructive reading experiences which, without his realizing it, gives him concrete experience in the workings of grammar. (It also supplies him with classified information on botany and geography, etc.) And finally leads him to total reading. Now, the function of words is made real to him through reading exercises coupled with fun activities. The knowledge of the function of words is necessary for precise expression. He needs to follow where a word stands in a sentence and what its function is in a sentence...

Aims for the Function of Words: "From the point of view of grammar, it is to give the function of each word. In the work, the role of each part of speech is represented. Only one kind is given in order to give the child a strong impression. The name of each part of speech is given, but not its classification, e.g. The child is not told whether the nouns are proper or common. Although the child is introduced to the definite and indefinite article, he is only given one name. This holds true for all the other parts of speech.

Order of Presentations: Function of Words

"The noun family is presented first because it is the easiest. This family is composed of the easiest parts of speech. The conjunction and the preposition follow because they facilitate the writing of long sentences. The verb family follows since it is the more difficult of the two; it is less concrete. The interjection is presented at the end because it belongs to no family."

Order of Presentation:
The Noun Family--the first grammar family
1. Noun
2. Article
3. Adjective
The Verb Family--the second grammar family
4. Conjunction
5. Preposition
6. Verb
7. Adverb
8. Pronoun
9. Interjection

Notes on grammar for adult:
*Grammar used to help reading to become “total reading”.
*Reading not preparation for grammar as ordinary schools.
*(MM) Grammar is means of building order in language already within Child.
*Grammar is natural and doesn’t have to be understood to be used.
*(MM) Function means the task done, the role played by each word in speaking.
*(Psycho grammar) The study of function of words is way of penetrating the language which already exists verses the Child is a means of perfecting and fixing this language.
*This study important for Child who is organizing this language by himself.
*Refer to Adv. Montessori Method, Vol. II, Chapter I.

Psychology Presentation: Story "The Multitude":

"Names are something full of life & secrets, they inflame our interest. One must know them to understand and love them. Some societies have secret names because a name has power. If people don’t know my name they can’t hurt me, have power over me. These secret names given out of fear. All things have names, plants, animals, places. All parts of boats men navigated had names, frightening weather had a name, frightening animals and their cries had names. Men's thoughts of the heavens above had names. The lens and tiny things 1st seen through it had names. Each new perfected thing, and each thing that brought well being, including one feeling had names. Man’s new strength, intelligence, experience & complexities had names. From generation to generation the men died, the names accumulated. (Give examples) So everything has a name."

(The above quotes are from my Montessori training notes and albums.)

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~Lisa Nolan
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