Affordable History Resources for a Montessori Environment

In a nutshell, history is first introduced in a Montessori environment by using a time line: a long strip of paper or card stock that rolls across the floor.

You then place arrows with the date, definition cards, and pictures... on the time line.

You can pick a subject and go across the time line (history of shelter, history of transportation, or history of religion, for example).

Later on, you can go down the time line if you wanted to study the transportation of the 1800s, for example.
It is a visual and interactive way to teach and introduce history.
If you are looking for affordable and or free Montessori and history resources, here are a few:
Here is a nice timeline picture and short blog post:
Buy a Montessori timeline to piece together yourself:
Religious timelines:
More blank timelines, non-Montessori:
Here is an example of music/artists and Montessori's history timeline (there are more examples, too, but too expensive to buy, maybe):
There was a blank timeline you could buy and make copies of or hand make your own using it as a guide, for any subject, called "Blank Timeline World Event" at
Not sure if is still available...
Here is their American History time line, to see as an example of how you can make one of your own:

"Printed in full color this timeline shows the complete history of the American Nation from 1585 to present. The story is divided into four different sections showing the events that influenced the nation in the political, economic, and social/cultural arenas. The story of the Native American Indians is also shown on this timeline allowing students to understand the deeper concepts that are often so difficult to grasp..."

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~Lisa Nolan

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