Top Ten Things for a Montessori Baby 0-5 Months

Top Ten Things for a Montessori Baby 0-5 months {Montessori on a Budget}
By Kim
It's Tuesday and I decided it would be a great time to list my Top Ten Baby items for ages 0-5 months. I would love to start by introducing the newest member to the family, my pretty little princess.  

It is so nice to have a baby in the house again, we are all loving every minute of it. Of course with babies, comes a lot of stuff, but I've found quality is a whole lot better than quantity. Here's my list of top baby items for 0-5 months.

1. A mobile- I love the Gobbi mobile, if you prefer a DIY mobile check this great site out here
Perfect for the baby to look at and discover on their own.

2. A place for baby. Whether it's a nice sheepskin, or a comfy blanket to lay on, have a special baby space

3 and 4. Babies love to look at themselves in the mirror, even if they don't realize it is them that they are looking at. You can also put up pictures of babies on the wall, so she can look at other baby faces.

Top Ten Things for a Montessori Baby 0-5 months {Montessori on a Budget}

5 and 6. Quality baby rattles and teethers, I love the wooden ones and so does baby. (smile)

7. My sister sent us a Crochet octopus that is super cute and it's one of our favorite toys. It's important for baby to have different textures to feel and play with.

Top Ten Things for a Montessori Baby 0-5 months {Montessori on a Budget}
By Kim
8. A must for me was my sling, I know it's not really the Montessori way, but I love baby wearing. 

9. Soft Cuddly Blankets for baby to lay on and explore her surroundings...

Top Ten Things for a Montessori Baby 0-5 months {Montessori on a Budget}

10. Books, Books, and more Books. It's never to early to read to baby. We love book time. If you can't afford to start a collection of books now then visit your local library, they have so much to choose from.

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So there you have it my Top Ten Baby items for little Miss Bell. I hope you enjoy reading this and can use some of these things for your Montessori baby.

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