Dressing for the Season: Montessori Practical Life

The purpose of practical life activities is to help the child gain independence by performing basic and useful tasks, that will ultimately prepare the child to be a great asset to his environment and society. 

One of the activities my little one is working on is learning the seasons, what those seasons look like, what are some of the differences, and what do we wear for the different seasons. This is a great activity to make them aware of the differences. If you are interested in doing an activity like this one with your child you can print similar cards out here. (unfortunately I have not been able to find these exact cards again, but if I come across them in the future I will let everybody know).

When you walk in my house I have 3 ladder style bookcases, in the middle of one (at my sons chest level) I house a large basket for my little ones shoes. I do this so it makes it easy for him to grab, put on, and go. Also when he comes inside he knows we take off our shoes at the front door, and he has a place to put them. 

Part of becoming independent is dressing oneself, he's so excited these days that he can do it all by himself. Here are a few pictures of how we practice practical life activities in our everyday home life.      

socks on. Yes!

Both shoes on.

Velcro them up and then it's time for the coat. 

   I lay his coat out on the floor and he flips it over his head.

Woo there, he flipped it so hard he landed on his bottom.

Woo hoo!!! He was so proud of himself, he got up clapping. That's what I love to see. 

"The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self".
-Dr Maria Montessori 

What are you doing today to help your children gain more independence?

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