Exploring Montessori Sensory Play with Babies

As a human being we experience this world through our 5 senses. Dr Maria Montessori went further to say we are learning much more, in fact she believed that sensorial experiences begins at birth. Through senses the child/baby is studying , learning about, and beginning to understand his environment. These are the most important years for brain developmental.  

I'm sure Maria Montessori didn't have instant potato on her mind for sensory play, but we've come a long ways, so why not? Here you see Baby Bell exploring instant potato right out of the box. She is not fond of the texture at this point, but still feels it with her finger tips.

I added a little bit of water to the mix, making it a bit wet and squisy and she loves it.

Baby and toddler sensory play is so much fun. I love to watch her explore. 
Baby Bell has used her senses by seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling the potato.

Add a few scoops and bowls, then add a brother for even more learning fun.

They work together... They play alone... They are always learning.


The wonderful smell of the noodles makes Baby Bell want to taste. Yummy! 

They feel, warm and slimy. 

She hears the noodles sloshing and squishing around her.

I added a Stainless cooking set to go with her noodles. She observes the noodles in her hands.

Sensory play ignites the senses in all of us, from a 3 month old infants playing with a couple of balls, to an 8 year old enjoying water beads. Use your imagination, and let the children explore.
Looking for a few good books to help with purposeful playtime I've enjoyed Games to play with Toddlers and Montessori Play and Learn.

These Sensory balls are also a wonderful addition to any child's sensory play area.

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