What's on our Montessori Baby Shelves at 10 months

Everything Round

I love themed setups, I just can't help myself. It gives a direction when picking things out and it put's another element into your learning. I decided on everything round because it's perfect for that 0-1 age group. So come along and take a peek into our Montessori baby shelves.

This week I have 8 different activities/items. From Sensory balls to a homemade shaker. Baby Bell loves exploring her shelves, and her big brother does too. (Wink.)

I made a shaker out of small bells from the craft store. She loves the noise they make when she shakes it. 

Sensory balls always top our list for a favorite at this age. She could play with these several times a day and still be happy. 

I added these Look a Rounds Discovery Balls because she really enjoys seeing what's inside of these as they twist and turn during play. 

The next discovery basket was filled with round rings and bracelets. 

One of our newest additions and one that I am loving for all ages is the new DK Touch and Feel Flashcards. Together with our EverEarth Farmers Market Apples, this was a great learning activity, We showed the picture of the apple, touched the apple and learned how to place them in the bowl. We also worked on counting the apples. 

Montessori prides itself on quality materials, they look better and last longer.So I try my hardest to use good quality natural wooden items. The wooden duck you see here in the picture was actually my husbands when he was little. How great is that? I love the thought of my grandkids one day being able to use some of the wonderful toys I have invested in.  

Since the budget doesn't always allow for brand new materials all the time, I make some of my own. This is a canister I saved from Baby Bell's snack. I covered it with card stock, cut a hole in the top and now it can be used to help her fine motor skills.

Here she is placing the large cotton balls into the canister. This can easily be made with things in your kitchen, takes about 2 minutes to prepare. However, if you don't want to make it yourself they make a wonderful Wooden coin box that is a true winner for this age. 

"The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences."--Maria Montessori

I'd love to hear about what's on your Montessori baby shelves, you can find me on facebook at Natural Beach Living.

You can also catch all of our adventures homeschooling at the beach over at Natural Beach Living and if you are really looking for tons of ideas my Pinterest Boards are full of amazing things.

Until next time, I'm off to discover new things with Baby Bell.

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