What's on a Montessori infant tot shelf at 12 months

Autumn can be such a fun time of year, especially for infants and toddlers. I mean think about it, this might be the first maybe second (depending on if they are 1 or 2) time to ever experience all of this beauty. Lets face it when they were a newborn you probably didn't have them touching rocks, smelling cinnamon, and eating apples. So this is all new and exciting to them. Toddlers can easily explore nature with these simple ideas. 

 We are loving Baby Bells set up this week. The Global Babies Booksare at the top of my favorites list for board books, they are sweet and perfect. I also found a great eye like nature series that uses real pictures your baby can see and relate to. The rest of the set up consists of a sweet baby doll with a touch and feel card, homemade sensory /discovery bottles, and a little nature area. 

I try to be careful when it comes to toddlers. Even though we want them to explore, we want to keep them safe too. I choose clean rocks making sure they are to big for baby to put into her mouth, but not so huge that they will hurt if she drops it on her toes. I also laid out a small branch with several leaves for her to investigate. (I've come to realize by observing her, that she does not like the feel of leaves at all). I also added in an apple puppet. With it being apple season I thought it would make a great addition to her shelves.   


Unfortunately, the pictures of her playing were a little on the blurry side because she was moving her hands the whole time. Which actually means she loved everything (except the leaves, she kept tossing them away from her). 

"The land is where are roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth."
- Maria Montessori

I have seen amazing sensory/discovery bottles on Pinterest and I've made some myself. My opinion is that you don't need expensive and elaborate for toddlers, in fact I think they can easily get just as much out of smart and simple. So here you will see 2 smart, simple bottles. The red bottle is for the color of autumn (red), I added a few pom pom balls to make it interesting when she moves it around. This is the start of learning and teaching color recognition. The 2nd bottle I put a few cinnamon sticks into and cut a very small hole in the top. Here she can use not only her sense of sight but her sense of smell too. She has really enjoyed this one, and I've enjoyed watching her.

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