Tour our Montessori Homeschooling Room

Tour our Montessori Homeschooling Room

I seem to be changing our schooling room around a lot these days. About every six months it seems it's time for a change and that's because our family is changing. The biggest change for us this year is we now have a toddler. As I'm sure most of you know, when your sweet little baby becomes a curious toddler, things definitely change. I try to embrace those changes and adapt our living and schooling space to benefit the children in the stage they are in. Today I am sharing our homeschooling room with you. I hope you enjoy your tour. 

 "Receive the children with reverence, educate them with love, let them go forth in freedom."
- Rudolf Steiner

Looking into the room, you will see,
a perfect place for you and me.

The low shelves hold some of Baby Bells weekly activities.
 To the left you will see her floor mat and play silks , in the middle she has a new wooden puzzle, and this week we have been working/playing with farm animals. So I added our schleich horses and a few toddler touch and feel books. We also are blessed to have this amazing doll house from Elves & Angels. The children have spent hours playing with it already.

This is our comfy reading corner. The kids LOVE to lay here and read. I keep a basket of Toddler books on the floor for Ms Bell to easily get to. We also have a new Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chair to sit in.

A child size table is so important to any schooling or play room. This is the Large Caroline table from Pottery Barn Kids, however I have seen many great quality wood tables from some of my favorite stores..

It is so important to have good quality, natural, open ended toys. Let their imaginations flourish while they build and play. The toys you see here were made by me.

We love our baby dolls!!!
 These are some of the baby dolls in our house. Maybelle(top left) is a Crooked Creek Doll, Bloosom (top right) is a Briar Patch Kids doll and Pinky is a Reggiesdoll. We also are loving Dragonfly's Hollow dolls, Bamboletta and just about every other Waldorf doll maker that I see. They put such heart into making their dolls with quality natural materials, and they each have their own dolly personality. Perfect for those of us that love dolly play. The sweetest baby doll of them all is the one on the right, she's mine :)

These are things you'll see around our room. First is our little teacup Yorkie Peanut, he's always nearby.
The fabulous Barn you see here was the big Christmas gift of the year, and it's also from Elves & Angels  As you can probably tell, Elves & Angels is is one of our favorite stores.
The Grimms Rainbow and hand kite are also favorites.

The bookcases seen in our room are the Carolina bookcases from Pottery Barn Kids. I love them, and if I had more room, I'd probably get more bookcases :) I use lot's of  baskets to help keep things organized.

I love having a kitchen in our space. The boys have always loved playing store and we incorporate it into our everyday learning and play. Unfortunately they are no longer making this farmers market, however I highly recommend getting an Elves & Angels kitchen. We have their Julianna's kitchen and love it.  

We love nature and I feel it's very important to bring nature into your learning space. Every month or so I change around our nature table. This is part of our Winter table. You can see some of our other Nature set up's here.

My favorite reading chair is right by the windows. It is so nice to relax there and read with the kids.

This is what you see as you are looking at the back of the room. (bookcases are below) 
Above the windows are our bird counting cards they are so sweet and I felt they were perfect for our room. We love Eeboo products.

This is how the left side of the room looks as you are walking in.

Little B's Treehaus castle blocks, Stringing beads, and wooden peg dolls are set out to play with for the week.

Looking straight in from the dining room

This is what you see as you look into the room towards the end of the day. 
I feel so blessed when I see the sun shining in, all of the colors dancing around the room, and the laughter from my children in the background.  
I hope you enjoyed your tour. 
Feel free to visit us anytime, we love visitors.
If you would like to see the changes our room has gone through in the past year, you can see them here.

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