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Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

"The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth." 
       ~Maria Montessori

We have a new house!! And with a new place comes all kinds of wonderful projects. The kids and I decided to jump start our composting pile with some worms. This is called vermiposting. Here's how we took an old container that was cracked and broken from countless moves and made it a place for our worms to make rich and useful compost!

I'm not sure my black thumb has really gone anywhere. Last year I did a post on Planting the Seed in biodegradable DIY seed holders. I'll confess we did get the seed to grow, but lost them after that. I'm thankful this year we have a new place to work on our gardening and my talented husband is taking the lead with the kids to help them make a successful garden.

My contribution to the gardening this year is worms! This was a super easy project the kids loved to help me finish. I used the directions from Living Soil Primer. There as a lot of great information in this article on why we do certain steps and how to treat the worms to have them work at an optimal basis. I really appreciate the information because I have never done any composting let alone with worms! So here's what we did.

Materials list:

  • Bin to compost in
  • Drill to make hole in bin
  • Red worms (I found mine at a local fishing supplies shop.)
  • Old newspaper
  • Organic material to compost

Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

First, I took our bin and drilled holes along the bottom and sides 4 inches up. I didn't this step quickly before the kids started helping.

Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

Then we added strips of old newspaper we had left over from our move. You probably have newspaper laying around or you can go to a convenience store on Monday morning and ask them for the Sunday paper. (Take all the coupons out first!!)

Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

We watered the paper and let it soak in for a couple hours.

Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

Then we used the beautiful dirt that we found under the leaves that are in our natural area in the front yard.

Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

Sam and Ava added the worms to your composting bin.

Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

We had been saving some organic matter the week before and added that to our bin. Now it lives outside with plenty of ventilation and I water it every couple days. I can't wait to see how it looks this summer!!

Feel free to check out Lisa Nolan's Montessori programs for birth to nine years old at Montessori for the Earth.

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