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Montessori Dressing: Button Snake

Since his potty training, Samuel has wanted to, understandably, button and unbutton his own pants in order to use the bathroom on his own. We decided it was time to give him some practice on buttons to help him grow even more independent. This seems to be a way for him to work on controlling the new environment we have set up at our new home.

"The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self." 
       ~Maria Montessori 

Our lives have been a little topsy turvy because of our move, but since we have started to settle in our new place we are seeing Samuel's (2 years and 10 months) independence start to blossom. With that need for independence, I confess, we have had some friction. He is still learning to control his emotions and developing how to convey his needs in a constructive manner. Working through this period of life, along with the move, has been a challenge for us all. This is where we have found the Montessori method to be extremely helpful in our household. We have given him the skills to control his environment and have fostered an open relationship to allow him to ask us for help on activities he may not understand. I cannot tell you how wonderful this has been with all the chaos that currently surrounds us.

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