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DIY Montessori Snake Game by Jennifer from Naniheart

Hi!! Its me again :) Jennifer from Naniheart! I'm very happy to be guest blogging again for Montessori on a budget! I hope you guys like what I'm about to show you. :)

I recently created a Introduction to Subtraction game for my daughter, Princess. We've used it a lot this month, she's getting quite skilled at simple subtraction. It's no secret that we are Montessori influenced in our home school, so I decided to make the subtraction/negative snake game. This game will hold her mathematical curiosity a bit longer. If you need a tutorial on how to make these bead bars/stairs please check out my previous posts: DIY Montessori beads, & Positive Snake Game.

Material list:
* Containers for your beads
* 10 bead bar
* Exchange bead stair
* Negative bead stair
* Colored bead stair

This is my negative bead stair. The traditional colors are gray and dark gray. I chose gray and black. (Didn't have dark gray) I made 3 sets of these. As Princess gains more knowledge on subtraction, I will add another stair to her box. For now, she will only have 1 negative stair. 

This is how I store my bead material. They all have their own little wooden container. I got these at Michael's Craft store for $1 each. They work perfectly for me. 

I drew the contents of each box on each lid. It's not perfect, but it gets the point across :)  

Here is how I set up the game for the first time, without Princess lol! I couldn't wait to play once I finished everything! :)

If you need instructions on how to introduce the subtraction snake game click here.

Please visit me if you have any questions, or comments. Here's a link to my BlogPinterest, & Facebook :)

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