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Montessori and Art Appreciation

I would like to start out by saying, I am by know means an artist. I can however appreciate and love art. I decided  to set up the sun room this week for the boys to explore ART. Everyday we read books on different types of art, for example Impressionist (Van Gogh, and Monet), Portraits (Leonardo da Vinci), and Modernist (Matisse). Then I allowed them to explore, create, and express themselves through their art.
I set up the easel and the children's table with several different kinds of art supplies. I wanted the boys to have free range and explore the books, paints, pastels, and paper. I had art books set around on the table, bookcases and in the easel, as well as art cards which I printed out and laminated.
I am NO artist: Montessori and art appreciationMontessori in the Kitchen {Montessori on a Budget}
Some of our favorite artist books for kids can be found by clicking the link below.
 "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists Series" By Mike Venezia

I am NO artist: Montessori and art appreciationMontessori in the Kitchen {Montessori on a Budget}
Sharing art appreciation with your children can be very easy and cost very little money. The library is a great place to get a variety of art books, art cards can be printed out here at  Montessori on a budget, and I always try to pick up art supplies when I see them on sale.

Dr Montessori believes Art is essential in the environment. It is a way of approaching life. We cannot “teach” a child to be an artist, but we can help him develop:

An Eye that Sees
A Hand that Obeys
A Soul that Feels

-Seen in The Joyful Child, Montessori from Birth to Three

Top Pick
So let your children paint, let them explore artists, but come back and visit me soon because you never know what great things will come up next.

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If you would like to check out some of the things that I use and love with my family, here's a peek. If you purchase anything from below, my family and I get a small commission, so a great BIG thank you goes out from us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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