Montessori Sensory Holiday Tea Activities

Montessori Sensory Holiday Tea Activities

DIY Montessori sensory holiday tea activities including matching, tasting, pouring, and tea parties! You will need four to six holiday tea boxes, tissue paper, and tape or matching holiday stickers (tissue paper/tape is optional), and a tray or a wicker basket. Want to pin for later?

How to make:

1. You can use just the tea bags and boxes for matching, or wrap one set of tea bags in tissue paper. You can even place ribbon around the wrapped tea bags. One set can be green, the matching set can be light green or tied with ribbon. Cut the tissue paper in sections, one for each tea bag. (Wrapping is optional.)
2. Once the four to six tea bags are wrapped, set inside the correct tea boxes.
3. You can add holiday stickers on the wrapped tea bags instead of tape.

Montessori Sensory Holiday Tea Activities


1. Bring activity to a table or a rug; remove tea boxes and tea bags, line up the four boxes from top to bottom or make two rows of three from top to bottom.
2. Take one tea bag and smell it, then smell each tea box until you find a match. I did not make what is called a control of error (I did not place the name of the tea on the back of each wrapped tea bag but you can do that with a label that sticks or masking tape and a permanent marker or blue painters tape).
3. Continue smelling each tea bag until all four to six pairs are matched.
4. Ask the child, "Would you like to try it?"
5. Before putting the activity away, place the correct tea bag inside the tea box. Place the tea boxes back on the shelf or wicker basket.
6. The only way for me to correct any mistakes is to have written the name of the tea on the back of each wrapped tea bag on a label or tape (masking or painter's tape).

Direct Aim: To make the child familiar with different odors and to refine olfactory sense.

Indirect Aim: To direct toward fragrances and odors.

Age: Three and one-half and up.

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1. Place two mats at different areas of room, splitting one set of four to six on each mat.
2. Ask child, "Can you bring me one that smells like this?"
3. Continue until all are paired. Child may take the tea bag with him if necessary, preferably he should rely on memory.

Extension Activities: 

1. Make the tea in four to six matching canning jars to make eight to twelve jars (set in a windowsill) and match by taste or smell.
2. Have a tea party as a social activity (pour the tea for the guest and offer them a cookie or biscuit).
3. Use as a teapot  pouring Practical Life activity with a tea pot and tea cup.
4. Make labels for the tea as a reading activity.

Two more smelling-activity resources:

* YouTube of a Montessori smelling jars lesson. Another YouTube Montessori lesson here.
* Flickr photos of Montessori smelling bottle activities.

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