Eight Must-Have Montessori-Friendly (Affordable) Holiday-Stocking Stuffers!

Eight Must-Have Montessori-Friendly (Affordable) Holiday-Stocking Stuffers!

Need some low-cost Montessori-friendly stocking-stuffer gift recommendations for the holidays? Live in the USA? Keep reading! Below are my top eight stocking-stuffer gifts to buy at Montessori Services. FYI: Montessori Services is a local company near my town--family owned and operated, and I have been purchasing Montessori materials and activities from them for nearly two decades!

This week I combed over 150 newly-listed items and have picked out eight of my favorites! (If you click on the affiliate product link/s--and make a purchase, I get a small commission. This helps fund Montessori materials, activities, and books I can get for my special needs son. AND a big THANK YOU in advance of any purchases you make!) Want to pin for laterListed not in any particular order, sans images:

Cirque Creamer:  "Beautifully shaped, this porcelain creamer pours without dripping and remains stable on a tray. Ideal for pouring exercises or for holding milk or cream. Dishwasher-safe. Holds 6½ ounces."

Measuring Cups and Spoons from OXO: "These thoughtfully designed pieces have many child-friendly features. Both sets have color coded measurements and include a handy leveler. Pieces snap together for storage and apart for ease of use. The six Measuring Spoons (⅛ tsp., ¼ tsp., ½ tsp., 1 tsp., ½ Tbs. and 1 Tbs. sizes) have flat bottoms to prevent tipping. The five Measuring Cups (¼-cup, ⅓-cup, ½-cup, ⅔-cup and 1-cup sizes) nest together for storage. Dishwasher-safe BPA-free plastic.

Fruit Wedger / Corer with Push Plate from Norpro: "This tool has always fascinated young children; it will core and slice apples or pears into eight slices in one motion. This version features a push plate that pushes fruit up and out, keeping the blades away from fingers. Young children may need a little help cutting their way through an apple, but the results are well worth it. Raised, comfy rubbery handles. Sturdy plastic frame with stainless steel blades. 7" x 4½". Ages 4+."

Fruit & Vegetable Peeler, a real kitchen tool from Curious Chef: "Specially designed for children, this sturdy peeler with stainless-steel blade has an ergonomic BPA-free plastic handle with soft-touch button grips to prevent slipping. With practice, children will peel apples, cucumbers, and carrots with ease. Dishwasher-safe. 7¼" long. Ages 5+, with adult supervision."

Whale Nailbrush: "A finger-tickling accessory for hand washing! Children will love washing their hands and nails with this little brush. The curved plastic handle is easy for small children to grasp. 2½" x 1⅝"; ⅜" bristles. Sold individually. Assorted colors."

Garden Gloves From Curious Gardener: "The non-slip, latex coating on these gloves will keep hands dry and protected when handling wet soil and leaves. Coating on palms and fingers provides excellent grip on slippery tools. Designed specifically for children. 5¼" from fingertips to wrist. Ages 3 - 6."

Mini Felt Eraser: "This perfectly child-sized, 100% wool felt chalk eraser has superior erasing action. 3" x 3"; 1" thick."

Rainbow Ribbon Streamer for dance and movement from Universal Specialties: "A great activity for developing gross motor skills, this appealing invitation to move along with the music is sure to become a favorite. Children will create loops, spirals, swirls, and waves with 7 feet of graceful woven cloth ribbon (1" wide).  A great activity for developing gross motor skills. Metal spinner reduces tangles; 12½" wooden wand. Each Rainbow Ribbon™ pattern is unique. Ages 3+."

Happy stocking stuffing!

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Photo by andrewmalone on Foter.com / CC BY
If you click on our affiliate product links--and make a purchase, we get a small commission. This helps fund Montessori materials, activities, and books we can get for our families. A big THANK YOU in advance of any purchases you make!