Ten Must-Have Montessori-Friendly (Affordable) Holiday Gifts

Montessori On Sale for the Holidays!

Need some recommendations for (affordable) Montessori-friendly gifts for the holidays? Live in the USA? Keep reading! Below are my top ten gifts to buy, on sale--while supplies last, at Montessori Services. FYI: Montessori Services is a local company near my town--family owned and operated, and I have been purchasing Montessori materials and activities from them for nearly two decades!

This week I combed over 60 sale items and have picked out my favorites! (If you click on the affiliate product link/s--and make a purchase, I get a small commission. This helps fund Montessori materials, activities, and books I can get for my special needs son. AND a big THANK YOU in advance of any purchases you make!) Want to pin for laterListed not in any particular order, sans images:

Children’s Baking Kit from Usbourne: "Bake Chocolate Orange Hearts and ten more yummy treats with this set designed especially for children. It will help instill a love of baking from an early age. Set includes:
  • Sturdy silicone rolling pin (9½")
  • one heart-shaped stainless-steel cookie cutter
  • one star-shaped stainless-steel cookie cutter
  • Cookbook with 11 simple step-by-step recipes
"Cookbook also includes decorating ideas and allergy advice. Paperback, 32 pages. Ages 4+, with adult. assistance."

Missing Socks Go Fish Card Game: "The search for a missing sock is your mission in this playful Go Fish–style card game. Each brightly decorated pair inspires children to learn patterns and colors, and may even inspire them to help sort and pair real socks! Includes 40 cards (20 pairs). Ages 4+. "

Christmas Cookie Cutters: "Crafted by a family-owned company in Vermont, these sturdy tin-plated steel cookie cutter features an array of traditional yuletide shapes. Cutter shapes include: snowman, star, Christmas tree, angel, snowflake, and gingerbread man. Box is printed with a step-by-step sugar cookie and buttercream frosting recipe. Ages 3+. Please note: These cookie cutters should be hand washed and dried immediately to prevent rusting. They are not dishwasher-safe."

Reusable Snack Bags from 3 Green Moms: Lunchskins ~ Blue Whale ~ with extra-sticky labels. "Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to Lunchskins®! These eco-friendly bags not only reduce daily waste, they save money, too! This 2-piece set includes a sandwich bag (6½" sq.) and a snack bag (6" x 3½") and can be used for snacks, sandwiches, travel, home organization and more! Top-rack dishwasher safe... BPA, phthalate, and lead-free."

I Wonder What's Out There: A Vision of the Universe for Primary Classes from The Parent Child Press. "Bring the wonder of the universe to young children with this creative collection of ideas and activities. By enticing youngsters to marvel at the sky, stars, and space and relate it to their everyday lives, this book is a wonderful preparation for the later works of the Montessori Elementary cosmic curriculum. An invaluable information resource with exciting activities for young children. Includes a lengthy appendix with books, references, resources, and glossary. Written by Montessorian Joanne Alex, with Aline D. Wolf. Spiral-bound paperback, 64 pages." Ages 5+.

You Are An Artist: Ideas and Encouragement for Children from Parent Child Press. "Encourage children during their most imaginative years to be creative and expand their artistic efforts. Beautifully illustrated, these simple, original activities will inspire children to paint, draw, build, sculpt, design, and more. Learn how children can create paintings, murals, puppets, mobiles, scenery, collages, wall hangings, building designs, and cardboard sculptures using everyday ordinary objects. Please note: This is NOT a step-by-step activity book–instead it is a treasure trove of art inspiration ideas with tips on how to get started. Spiral-bound paperback, 24 pages."

Baker’s Apron: Sized for toddlers up to age 3 (after washing). "What child can resist the appeal of dressing the part? This sturdy Baker’s Apron is designed so children can fasten it by themselves. It has Velcro bands around the waist and neck." Please note: The apron is made from 100% cotton that is NOT pre shrunk, so it will shrink after washing. Not recommended for children over the age of three.

Create with Clay: Clay sculpting kit with tools from Faber-Castell. "The non-drying clay can be enjoyed again and again. Includes instructions and ideas. Ages 4+. Roll, squeeze, or sculpt! Using clay stimulates the imagination and strengthens fine motor skills. This open-ended set promotes experimentation and exploration." Includes:
  • 10 Colors of clay (2.5 oz. each)
  • 8 Plastic cookie cutter shapes
  • 5 Plastic clay sculpting tools
  • Wooden roller, and more!
Child-Size Masterpieces ~ Level 1 - Easy For Steps 1, 2 & 3 from Parent Child Press. "Central to the Child-Size Masterpieces program, carefully explained in the How to Use Child-Size Masterpieces for Art Appreciation (A108), this companion book contains 36 postcard-size images of paintings from all periods of art history. Chosen to appeal to young children, each reproduction is color-coded and imprinted on the back with title/artist and the step and level for which the image may be used. 

"This book includes:
  • 12 cards (6 artists) for matching identical paintings (Step 1)
  • 12 cards (6 artists) for pairing two similar paintings by the same artist (Step 2)
  • 12 cards (3 artists) for grouping four paintings by the same artist (Step 3)
"Contains reproductions from the following artists: Renoir, Van Gogh, Durer, American School, Miro, Matisse, Goya, Chagall, Degas, Manet, Mondrian, Audubon, Kandinsky and Cezanne.  To make cards, cut out the 4¾" x 6½" images and laminate, if desired. Ages 3+. Please note: This book is part of the Child-Size Masterpieces Starter Set (A119). You may also purchase this Set with 4 Folders (A109F) for organization and storage. On a budget? We have slightly damaged copies of this item #Z109 on SALE at a significant savings." 

Build-Your-Own Kaleidoscope: "Discover a world of dazzling colors and shapes with this easy-to-assemble kit. Made from recycled cardboard and reflective mirrors, the kaleidoscope is remarkably durable. Comes with 3 double-sided design strips, complete instructions, and an array of fun facts. 5⅝" long. Ages 5+."

Happy holiday shopping!

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If you click on our affiliate product links--and make a purchase, we get a small commission. This helps fund Montessori materials, activities, and books we can get for our families. A big THANK YOU in advance of any purchases you make!