I am Lisa Nolan of Montessori for the Earth

Hi! I am Lisa Nolan of Montessori for the Earth and a trained and certified Montessori teacher. I've taught Montessori in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1986. I started my Montessori on a Budget blog in 2011! It is now archived, with so much for you to explore! The blog was created in an effort to bring together affordable and DIY Montessori and homeschool materials and activities for the home. In 2013 the blog was joined by Montessori moms Kim Huff of Natural Beach Living and Marie Mack of Child Led Life. In the fall of 2015, we added a new blogger to join us: educator (and PDF queen), Carolyn Wilhelm of Wise Owl Factory! Kim, Marie, and Carolyn have since moved on, and they have awesome blogs, see them below!

More about me: I took my Montessori primary training in 1986 at The Maria Montessori School of the Golden Gate in San Francisco with the late headmistress, Ursula Thrush. I took my Montessori elementary (6-9) training in 1988 at The Maria Montessori School of the Golden Gate in San Francisco (with the late headmistress Ursula Thrush) through the University Extension, University of California Berkeley. I received an MA from San Francisco State University.

I am also a Montessori podcaster and blogger, a stay-at-home work-at-home mom, and a homeschooler. I guess you can call me a one-mom operation! My son was born with Down syndrome in 2004, and being at home with him, using Montessori education since birth, has been a blessing in disguise! 

Have you heard about my online Montessori for birth to age nine? Or my Montessori podcast? Or my homeschool blog? No? Then please visit:
[M o n t e s s o r i  f o r  t h e  E a r t h]

Hope to see you there!
~Lisa Nolan

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