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Montessori Bloggers Share

Montessori Bloggers Share

Join 25+ Montessori bloggers for Montessori Bloggers Share! What is Montessori Bloggers Share? It is a group of dedicated and inspired  Montessori bloggers on the Internet who love sharing activities like DIY, free downloads, arts, crafts, lessons, and inspiration, and who have come together to create ONE "Facebook interest list" that YOU can visit AND *follow (subscribe to). 

Click on the "Follow" button on the top right corner of the page when you click on the link below)! Just think, all that Montessori in one place! What could be better! Click here to follow Montessori Bloggers Share *from your smart phone or tablet (you cannot subscribe via Facebook from your computer or laptop any more)! You can also (or instead) bookmark us using your browser!

~The Montessori on a Budget Team

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